Wash Certificates


The fundraiser that sells itself!  You sell our $16 wash certificate for a discounted price ($10) and keep half the proceeds!  Your certificates will be customized with your organizations name.  At the end of the fundraiser you return any unsold certificates, pay one half the price of all certificates sold, and pay production costs for the certificates. Production cost for printing certificates is $50 per 250 printed.  Any unsold certificates are kept by Rainforest so you can sell them again in a later month.  We do not allow multiple organizations to sell within the same area at the same time, so you won’t have to compete with other groups selling the same thing.

**Fundraiser restrictions

  • Wash certificates may not be discounted below $10 per ticket.
  • Certificates cannot be sold at any of our locations.
  • This program is restricted to one month per year per organization.
  • If you have any questions contact us by clicking here.